Electronic Information Engineering

Electronic Information Engineering is my major. A lot of knowledge of basic mathematics, physics, statistics and computer science is needed.

This section contains laboratories, principles of communication systems, basic circuit theory and ordinary differential equations. I will put my notes and summaries of each field in this section.

Computer Science

I did a lot of coding in the college. I may share my codes and some notes when I learn computer science.

This section contains data structures, codings and lab reports.


Philosophy is my minor in college. I’m always thinking about the form and matters of the world, which is really interesting.

This section contains existentialism, good and evil and philosophy in greek myths. Review Essays and notes can be found by clicking the button below.


I’ve been always interested in economics. A society needs economists to develop better.

This section contains statistics, basic microeconomics and basic macroeconomics. I will share my notes here.